PT Media Data Riset


Executive Summary

One of the weaknesses in implementing various management programs and business development in Indonesia is the unavailability of inaccurate, factual, and continuous data. This condition could cause mistake in decision making by the stakeholder. Furthermore, off target program implementation and various resources that has been used, whether material or non-material, would be wasted.

Based on this condition, some experts that have various expertise joined to found a corporation by the name of PT Media Data Riset. Ideally is to found an independent institution that is capable in collecting, arranging, analyzing, predicting, and providing data accurately, factually, comprehensively, and continuously. Those data are hopefully able to assist the decision makers in various business sectors, so in due time there would be a conducive business climate for the national economic development, and will give a positive impact to the welfare of the society.

PT MEDIA DATA RISET was established on 5 October 2007. The main competence of PT MEDIA DATA RISET is to serve government institution, domestic and international industry and investor circle through the data support of analyzed business and socio-economy.

The other competences are to give consultancy services in various industrial sectors through survey and research.

Following the Globalization of Information development, PT MEDIA DATA RISET launches a website by providing accurate, actual, comprehensive and continuous data in superior industry field.



To become a reputable information service company



  1. Providing factual, comprehensive, and continuous data through research, survey, and analysis, with the basis of discipline and responsible manpower.
  2. Providing data in an efficient, effective, and reliable publication media.
  3. Mutually beneficial cooperation with the entrepreneurs through data support.
  4. Maintaining the corporate image through harmonization principle for the internal companyand set out quality control for the customer's interest.

We value our customers

Serving government institution, domestic and international industry and investor circle through:

  1. Support data of analyzed business and socio-economy
  2. Consultancy services (industry, economic and business, IT, etc)
  3. Research/Survey
  4. Subscription website
  5. Marketing Communication